Sunday, December 02, 2007

Carnivore Night 42: We're beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Carnivore Night 42: We're Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
The Carnivorist Reunion

Pertinent details:

When: 21 December 2007
Where: Makati - Roofdeck
Food: Grill or Pot-luck
Attire: Christmas icons
RSVP: (Tuesday) 18 December 2007 6pm. You know how to find me.

Impertinent details:
1. Bring your sense of humor and Christmas spirit!

2. If you're an apex predator (true carnivore) bring a slab of meat to throw on the grill, primary consumers (vegetarians) can bring a salad. The concept here is pot luck. If you're queasy about bring raw meat you can bring your favorite dish. Rule of thumb, bring enough for yourself and a new friend.

3. Wear comfortable clothes but CHRISTMASSY clothes, it may be a three floor hike to the roofdeck and a turn at the grill.

4. Bring a friend (if you want) and let me know. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours.

5. RSVP - Call or email to let me know you are coming...


If you don't know how to get to my house by now... we need to talk. :)

About Carnivore Night:

Although the first-ever carnivore night was held on the 14th of Feb 1997, it's not just a valentine's day celebration. Carnivore Night is held for various reasons on random dates throughout the year. It started as a crusade to feed home-cooked meals to friends who lived alone evolving into a joyful celebration of life and friendship.... Since then, it has undergone many reincarnations (bringing us to this 42nd installment)


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