Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Carnivore Night 35 & 36

Carnivore Night

Although the first-ever carnivore night was held on the 14th of Feb 1997, it's not just a valentine's day celebration. Carnivore Night is held for various reasons on random dates throughout the year. It started as a crusade to feed home-cooked meals to friends who lived alone evolving into a joyful celebration of life and friendship.... Since then, it has undergone many reincarnations (bringing us to this 35th installment.


1. Bring your sense of humor.
2. If you're an apex predator (true carnivore) bring a slab of meat to throw on the grill, primary consumers (vegetarians) can bring a salad. The concept here is pot luck. Rule of thumb, bring enough for yourself and a new friend. (ONLY FOR 14 FEB, I'm cooking on the 3rd)
3. Wear comfortable clothes, it may be a three floor hike to the roofdeck and a turn at the grill.
4. Bring a friend and let me know. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours. (ONLY FOR 14 FEB, Closed invites for the 3rd)
5. RSVP - Call or email to let me know you are coming...


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