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Carnivore Night 37: Magdalo at Magdiwang

Carnivore Night 37: Magdalo at Magdiwang (come and celebrate!)
Independence Day Dinner

Pertinent details:

When: June 12 (Monday) 7:00pm
Where: *shhhh! secret*
Food: Filipino
Attire: Farmer pinoy style
RSVP: June 10 (Saturday) 6pm. If you don't know how to get in touch with me. Leave comment here with email address. If we know you, we'll send an invite.

Impertinent details:
1. Bring your sense of humor and pinoy pride!

2. This is the first time we're holding it outside of *original location* It's also going to be the first party to be held in the house in *shhh! secret!* (we're still in the process of moving some stuff). No boxes yet, the house is kinda bare... Warning, we may have to sit on the floor if I can't move enough chairs by the weekend.

3. If you can, bring a home cooked Filipino dish for you and a friend. Bring the recipe as well. We'll compile it and send it out to party attendees.

4. If you can't cook, or you're not too familiar with Filipino food, no worries. Bring drinks. If we run short, we can always order :D I'm making chicken adobo (cooked in soy sauce and vinegar) and leche flan (like a creme caramel). We might also have grilled liempo (pork belly) or tilapia (St. Peter's fish <- while Tilapia is actually a west african fish, and the word is widely accepted in English, it's interesting to know that it is also called St. Peter's fish in English)

5. Please come in Farm-style Filipino Costumes. Dig out your stuff from Linggo ng wika. Come in a saya, kimona or do an Andres and come in red pants and a chino. No barong (it's too easy) While we will accept you whatever you do look like, please try not to shock us too much by appearing in a bahag (g-string). I still have neighbors I want to get to know. You may change in the house.

6. If you really, really, really don't have a Filipino costume and can't improvise. You may come in casual clothes. We'll lend you a malong... or a bahag ;) (I'm kidding!)

7. There's a shuttle leaving the studio at 3pm (SHARP) on Monday. Be at the gate at least 30 minutes prior to departure. It will arrive back at the studio between 6 - 7 am the following day (TUESDAY). There is no time difference yet between Makati and Alabang. Bring a mat/ futon we're sleeping in the living room.


(mag) dalo: dalĀ“o dumalo, daluhan (-um-:- an) v. to attend some affair, meeting or party. Dinaluhan niya ang aking kaarawan. He attended my birthday party.

magdiwang: celebrate v. to observe with special activities: magdiwang, ipagdiwang

Historical Note: Magdalo & Magdiwang were two rivaling factions during the time of the revolution. To read a bit more about them, I found Sacha's old history assignment:


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