Sunday, December 10, 2006

Carnivore Night 38: Survivor Film Crew

WE just had to celebrate. Three weeks in isolation, with our existence threatened on a daily basis.

No pork. No alcohol. Regulated Ciggies and a dwindling supply of toothpaste.

On the brighter side... we survived Durian's seven meter swell without a trace of seasickness. And we survived the mystery meat.

I promised Jeanette, my roommate, that as soon we got back to Manila, I'd treat her to a beer and also cook dinner.

So on the day she arrived, we threw an impromptu version of Carnivore Night. Really short notice...

Marcelle did his magic tricks. And all John and Martijn had to do was put their heads together for 5 minutes before figuring things out.

We fire-spun a bit. After a year, I'm a bit rusty... but I love spinning in the rain, barefoot on the roofdeck. So yes... I can't remember half the tricks... but it felt good.

Attendees were: Jeanette, Krisette & Hrbs, Clair, Marcelle, John & Martijn (from Yokogawa - both were working on the same project we were, only they weren't part of the dreaded Film crew)

We served: Roasted Squash and Onion soup, Dijon Chicken, grilled rosemary potatoes, Lamb chops, veal bratwurst, hungarian sausage & a salad everyone promptly forgot.

Accompanied by: Beer. Heineken, San Mig Light, Super Dry. Andreas' Mango Rhum (Thank you Robin!!!) and a bottle of red wine from somewhere. Martijn had a coke...


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